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Bisexual dating is outstanding, as long as you can find the right partner. But the problem is that it can be very hard to find the very best bisexual dating experience for you. This is why Bi Cupid was created, to make the entire process fast and easy. The site on its own was created to offer bisexual persons a way to meet one another. The features integrated into the site make it very easy for you to find the right match.

But the thing to note about this site is that it’s not only for bisexuals. LGBT and heterosexuals can also find a match here, which is very interesting. The signup process is very fast; you just have to add the email address and some basic information. Once you verify your address, you can create your profile. The profile is comprehensive; you can add the stuff you like, what you want to find in the person in you are looking for and so on. The entire process is comprehensive and convenient, not to mention very inquisitive!


Gold Membership
1 month $29.95 $0.99 per day
3 months $59.95 $19.98 per month
6 months $95.95 $15.99 per month

As a result, you can get a discount if you commit for a longer period. But yes, you can use Bi Cupid as many times as you want without any restrictions.

Plus, in case you want to use the website for free, you aren’t nagged to get to the paid version. They do a very good job at talking with the customers and offering them the best value for their money. Not being nagged to get a Pro or Gold version is great here, and it’s worth supporting for that reason alone. Plus, the advanced features you can get to make a lot of sense and they are handy too.

Top Features:

  • Right off the bat, what you will like a lot on Bi Cupid is the LGBT support. It’s always important to offer as many communities the ability to find true love and this system does work very well in this regard. There are lots of situations when the LGBT community is discriminated, but Bi Cupid does a very good job at representing it adequately, and it’s just a very good experience as a whole because of that.
  • On the Bi Cupid website you can also find a section full of tips. If you are new to the online dating world or you need some tips to help you get a better partner, then Bi Cupid can help you with that. While there are no online videos for you to watch, the site does offer all the info you need in written form. It’s fast, convenient and it does work very well because of that. Plus, you never have to worry about not understanding the content or not knowing how to use any feature. The experience is great, fun and you can learn anything you want here.
  • No Ads! Yes, really! Bi Cupid doesn’t use ads at all. What it does is it integrates a membership system that puts some of the more advanced features after a paywall. It’s a lot better this way because you are free to choose what features you need and how much you want to invest in them. If you want to use the site for free, you can do that, and there are no ads. This just makes bi dating a lot easier.
  • You also have better search here. The modern search system integrated into Bi Cupid makes it very easy for you to get all the partners you want and the necessary details without hassle. It’s a much simpler and more comprehensive system than you would imagine, and the results are outstanding because of it. You can access a variety of filters if you want and you can easily modify the experience in any way you want. This makes the process comprehensive and very distinct!
  • Thanks to Bi Cupid, you can also obtain immediate chat service. The company knows that sometimes you do need to talk with a real person so you can receive support. And yes, the system does offer you the ability to reach this type of result. The experience is amazing this way because you can make the right pick and talk with the right person without that much of a problem.
  • Once you connect with a person, you can exchange emails too. This definitely takes bi dating to the next level, so you should consider giving it a shot. It’s a simple method of communication, but many other sites don’t offer something like that. It’s astonishing and one of the best ways to start a relationship online!

Pros and Cons


  • A good customer service experience, you get customer support 24/7
  • You get to talk with a very friendly and supportive community
  • Exclusive features on a very distinct website
  • You can start using the site for free


  • The membership is a bit expensive for some people
  • Members are restricted to a single dating preference

Editor's Verdict:

Bi Cupid does a very good job at offering great bisexual dating experiences. The site is very easy to navigate and the fact that you can create an account and use it for free in just a few minutes is amazing. The dating community likes Bi Cupid because you can get bisexuals here, but also LGBT and heterosexuals too. So, this is a comprehensive dating platform, and it does provide you with access to plenty of interesting features. You should definitely consider checking it out, as it’s well worth the investment.

Just because you are different from others that doesn’t mean you will be unable to find a good dating platform. Bi Cupid is great for bisexual dating, and it’s a lot of fun to browse profiles to see a good match. The best part is that Bi Cupid has all the filters and profiles you want. So, all you have to do is to browse the site, and you will have no problem finding the right person for you.


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