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Are all polyamorous women bisexual or bi-curious?

Being polyamorous can be great for a lot of women that want to experience new things. But the problem is, are polyamorous women bi-curious or are they bisexual? This is extremely hard to figure out right off the bat, and it does come with a huge range of challenges and problems. But the one thing that remains is that polyamorous women are indeed interested in bisexual relationships.

Why does that happen?

Bisexual women, in general, are focused on having some great relationships, and they want to enjoy the experience in a fun and meaningful way. It makes a lot of sense to enjoy such a relationship, and the return on investment can be huge because of that. The idea is that you just want to have a really good time and enjoy yourself. Nothing is impossible if you want to take things to the next level, and a great relationship like this does pay off immensely in the long run.

polyamorous womenThe polyamorous women want to have intimate relationships with more than a partner. They want everything to be consensual, so all partners know about this. Some consider this to be strange. Others consider it to be a way of life. In the end, the thing that matters is that life is always extraordinary and it does come with its own unique set of benefits. If you want to have relationships with bisexual women, then you just have to go right ahead and enjoy your time.

Are polyamorous women bisexual or not?

It all comes down to how you see this thing. Normally, polyamorous women are bisexual, but it all depends on your view of things. Some of them are, others are not. The focus is on having meaningful relationships and knowing the things that matter the most for you. When it comes to bisexuality, polyamorous are ok with that, but they also tend to be curious about it.
Normally, polyamorous women, are also bisexual women. But some of them are only bi-curious, they don’t really like both men and women. So, the situation will depend based on a variety of different factors. It is a special thing to have, and such a relationship type does end up changing your life. But it’s fun and exciting, and it does bring in front some rewarding and distinct moments for you to enjoy.

Polyamorous women can also be bisexual, but that’s not mandatory. It’s up to the woman in question to see what she likes and dislikes and how she addresses everything. The cool thing is that she is always in control, and she can choose to do whatever she wants in no time. It makes a lot of sense to have this type of relationship if you want. But just because you are polyamorous, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are bisexual. It differs based on your life and where you go, that’s for sure. You shouldn’t stay within these misconceptions and live your life, no matter if you are one of the bisexual women or not!