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What’s the difference between a polyamorous relationship and an open relationship?

Entering a new relationship is tricky and it does come with its own fair share of challenges. Which does bring in front the following question, should you focus on a polyamorous relationship or an open one? But even more important is, are there any differences between these two concepts and ideas?

What is a polyamorous relationship?

polyamorous relationshipIn this relationship you are basically allowed to have multiple relationships at the same time. Everyone knows about the relationships and there are no secrets. Basically, it’s something where everyone has a consent over the relationships and no one lies. It’s an unique way to have a relationship, true, and it does come with its own, fair share of problems and challenges. This type of relationship isn’t the simplest one out there, but it is very dynamic.

The fact that you can have a relationship with multiple persons can be quite interesting. For a lot of people, this is also refreshing. You get to finally have control over the entire experience and that can be amazing. Plus, you are never stopped from anything and that on its own is really interesting and fun too. But yes, you have to find someone willing to bring you consent and which is ready to commit to something like this. That’s not exactly easy to do, as only certain people are ok with this sort of relationship.

What is an open relationship?

In the case of an open relationship, you are free to take new partners. The difference when compared to the polyamorous relationship is that you don’t have to share the identity of those partners if you don’t want to. This is actually quite interesting and definitely more than distinct. Why does this exist and how can you approach it? As you would imagine, it’s all about understanding the needs of being in such a relationship. For most people, this kind of relationship is all about power, focus and knowing who they really are.

But on the other hand, those persons that are free to date and have a relationship with whomever they want find an open relationship to be very freeing. However, this may not be as good for a long term relationship as the polyamorous relationship. There’s not a lot of trust that comes from it, and in the end that can be truly problematic, considering the type of challenges that you can encounter in such a situation.

What you have to realize with both relationship types is that they are very distinct. They have their own set of rules and you have to adapt to them the best way you can. Sometimes that will be possible, other times not so much. But with a lot of focus and commitment, you can find the right way to settle and enjoy such a relationship. It’s certainly well worth the time and effort, as long as you put a lot of passion into it. So, both the polyamorous relationship and open relationships work, you just have to identify the right one for you and you are good to go!